April 3rd! Not a particularly special day for most, but for me it became one of the most influential days in my life. It was the day I finally decided to row the Atlantic! After months of umming and ahhing, I made the rather unsteady step into an ocean rowing boat, the Rannoch R45, a 4 person boat moored in Burnham-on-Crouch. This was part of a training day held by Rannoch Adventure, providing the opportunity to meet previous rowers and ask them all of the random questions that come flooding into your head when you decide to row over 3000 miles!

It’s been 100 days since that decision was made and a lot has changed. The boat has a name, Wave Warrior, an incredible logo created by Hurricane Design, a website, social media pages and is already under construction!! None of this would have been possible without the help of family and friends, some key individuals include my very understanding parents and Holly, an incredibly well connected friend! Since I won’t have internet access in the middle of the ocean, you’ll definitely be hearing more from her in the future as she entertains you and keeps you updated with how my row is progressing.

The website has been a huge and crucial part of the work completed over the past 14 weeks. I dread to imagine the number of take away pizzas and bags of Maltesers that have been eaten throughout this process. I hope it has been worth it and there’s some interesting and funny snippets you’ve taken away from it, or maybe you’ve thought “I’d love to sponsor this wacky adventure”, in which case please get in contact!

Stay tuned for the next blog post, with information about my first sponsors, my first custom designed clothing and a rather unique opportunity to go searching for sponsors!


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